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Pleasurable Moments can sometimes hurt: Common Sex Injuries that ring a Bell

Sexual intimacy should be one of the best times whenever you get right on it. Still, the wrong move can leave you in excruciating pain when trying to be a bit naughty (fast or rough sex). Examples of pains or injuries during sex are penile fractures or vagina tears. Some kinky moves can spice the moment, but you need to calm down and know your limits to avoid the following injuries and other problems.

Fractured penis

The penis has no bones, but it can become fractured if you hit hard against your partner’s pelvis when it slips out during thrusting, or when you bend it too far. The force ruptures one of the two cylinders filled with blood during an erection. When you hear a popping sound, swelling, or excruciating pain, then you have a fractured penis. If this happens, seek medical help immediately.

Vagina or anal tears

Rough sex can tear the sensitive tissue inside the vagina or anus, which can be painful or make you bleed. If the pain is that bad, you should see your doctor for a prescription to heal the area.

Muscle pull

It is a familiar pain people experience at one point. In sex, when you thrust, again and again, a muscle can get strained. Twisting your body hard can pull muscles in your belly or back. Also, during orgasm, your thighs tense up and may make you feel sore after the act. The pain should reduce or stop in a day or two. If it doesn’t, you need to see a doctor to be sure you are not down with an injury.

Back injury

This sounds familiar. A quick in the right or wrong direction can set your back up for injury. Remember to take it slow. You can hurt your back from lifting your partner too. Instead of giving your partner a full lift, prop them against the bed or a countertop. If you have a bad back, you should consider more comfortable positions such as doggy style.

Heart attack

A heart attack during intimacy is rare, except if you have a heart issue. Once your heart is healthy, there is no reason not to have sex. Not to forget that sex also counts as a form of exercise and is good for the heart. Ensure that you see your doctor if you have symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, or irregular heartbeat especially after performing basic exercises.

Another common problem is urinary tract infections or sexually transmitted infections. During sex, bacteria can move up the urethra and into the urinary tract. A common sign of UTI is a burning sensation when urinating. To prevent infection, urinate immediately after having sex to flush out bacteria that might have lodged in the urethra. If you have an unusual sign, see a doctor for treatment.
Without correct precautions, you and your partner can transfer germs, viruses, or bacteria to each other. To avoid this, ensure that you use condoms during sex or stick to one sexual partner to reduce risk.

Source: WebMD


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