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Tips for underarm odor


Tips for underarm odor.
I went to watch Man City and Man-united match. Few metres to where I was about seating, I perceived a strong armpit odor.

I sat down only for me to realize that the smell was coming from the man at my back. Oh, this odor was so strong that even after using a handkerchief to cover my nose I could still perceive it. The smell choke me no be small. 

I couldn't enjoy the match between Man City and man United. I was distracted all through and only got a tempora relieve during the first half break. 

Back to the main point. After my experience with armpit odor, I decided to share basic hygiene tips that can mask body odor. If you know someone who has odor please don't ever be shy on their behalf.  Let them know respectfully what's going on and what they can do to improve their condition.

Here are some basic steps to treat armpits odor;
1. Improve your hygiene: taking your bath properly twice a day. Morning and last thing at night, focus on your armpits and wash gently and thoroughly.
2. Detox with baking soda: Baking soda mix with water to form a paste and apply for few minutes once or twice a week.  Please note that baking soda is not the same as baking powder. The label says it all. 
3. Wear once and Wash immediately: Wear your clothes once and wash them immediately after pulling off. Due to hectic lifestyle, washing immediately may not be feasible but make sure you wear your clothes once, and air dry them before putting them in laundry basket. 
4. Disinfectant: Before washing, add a little disinfectant in your water to get rid of germs 
5. Deodorant: Make sure you use antiperspirants or deodorant to smell nice. 

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