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How reliable is Pregnancy Test Strip


Please I need clarification here. I went to the clinic on Friday for family planning, and the nurse said o should do a P.T test before going further. The test came out positive, I keep telling her is not possible because for the past 15 months my husband has been away, and have not had any sex ever since then. 

The only reason why I went for family planning is because my husband will be back next week. We repeated the test more than 3 times, before she told me to come back on Monday to be sure. 

How is that even possible? I need answer please. 

Pregnancy test strips detect pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine and blood. 

Since you are sure that you are not pregnant, maybe the test kit is expired and giving a false positive result. Another likely reason maybe that the sample container are not well taken care of (not well sterilized). 

I suggest you go to another hospital or laboratory for pregnancy test. If it turns out negative, go back to the clinic and inform them so they can prevent further errors with other women. 

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