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5 Exercises to make Sex Enjoyable


Exercises to make Sex Enjoyable

Sex is worth looking forward to when it is keeps getting better and enjoyed. But stress, life, hormone imbalance and sometimes certain health condition can get in the way of this unique experience. Being physically active boost your mood, relieves stress, and yes can make sex better than you can imagine. Work stress can make sex undesirable for some, but when you have everything going well for you, there are still exercises you can perform to make sex better if not best. Here are some basic exercises you can try out for improved sex.

5 Exercises for better Sex

  1. Cardio: Generally, activities that make your heart beats faster and breath harder boost blow flow even down to your private area region. According to study, exercises like cycling, or taking a walk can better erections, and increased libido for women.
  2. Core and Abs Training: The beautiful thing about this exercise is that you are not only working to better sex, but also working towards a nice and sexy six packs, tummy and butt. So yes, this exercise can help you perform all the magic and acrobat you can think of under the sheets.
  3. Kegels: Although kegels is known to help build the pelvic floor muscles and it was initiated to treat urinary inconsistence. However, this exercise helps strengthen your pelvic muscles which can result to a mild blowing and intense orgasms. While kegels is popular among women, men experiencing premature ejaculation can also try it out. For ladies, when performing this exercise, to be sure you are doing it right; insert a finger in your vagina. You should feel a pulling up as you squeeze. For men, during this exercise, your penis should lift up.
  4. Plank: Plank is another basic and at home exercise that helps with body posture and stamina. It also helps build your abs muscles, upper arms, thigh, and glute. It makes time spent with your partner counts. You can perform this exercise once a day for 1 minute or more.
  5. Pelvic Thrust: Pelvic thrust exercise is crucial your favorite position such as missionary. Train your glutes, calves, and hamstrings for more flexibility and stamina. An extra benefits of this exercise is that it helps bring out the shape of your glute.


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