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How does the Vagina Smell?


When asked how the vagina smells? Everyone including men get to provide different answers to how it should smell instead of how it naturally smells. A healthy vagina smell is unique to every woman, but a healthy vagina do not have an unpleasant odor like fishy smell. While the vagina smell is unique to its owner, it however does not smell like chocolate, rose, and lavender.

Some say their vagina smells like onion (sulphur rich), meaty or chicken-like, others give account of it smell sour-like. Before talking about the common vagina smells, you need to know that hygiene, your period, and sexual lifestyle can affect how your vagina smell. Eating foods like garlic, onion, and asparagus can  make vagina discharge and urine have a strong smell making you think it is your vagina smell. Here are what some vagina indicates.

  1. Sweet smell: Could be due to a change in the pH of the vagina or presence of bacteria.
  2. Putrid smell: Rancid smell may be as a result of emotional stress. The apocrine gland contracts to release lipid to the skin and are further broken down by bacteria to odorous fatty acids. The apocrine gland is found around the armpits and genitals.
  3. Metallic smell: This type of smell maybe due to a tear gotten during sex, or presence of menstrual blood.
  4. Sour smell: A sour smell like fermented yoghort is usually the smell of " most" healthy vaginas.
  5. Chemical smell: May indicate the presence of bacteria, infection of the vagina, or simply the presence of urine on the pants.
  6. Rotten smell: This kind of smell usually occur when wearing tampons and sanitary pads for a longer hours than the recommeded time.
  7. Dead-Fish smell: A fishy smell maybe due to the presence of trimethylamine a chemical compound often responsible for unusual vagina smell particularily a fishy smell, such smell may indicate an infection such as bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis a sexually transmitted infection.

If you are experiencing unusual smell, see a gynecologist for evaluation and if necessary get treated. Practice good hygiene especially after having sex and during menstruation. Eat more  healthy and reduce intake of artificial sugars, junks, among others.



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