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Reasons why Eye cream is a “Must have” in your Skincare Regimen

You may be wondering, why use an eye cream when you have facial moisturizer?  Well, while facial moisturizer is ideal for the face, on the other hand, eye cream is specially designed for the skin around the eyes.

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest, sensitive, and produces less sebum, a reason why it is the easiest place to spot the aging signs.  Due to less sebum, the area is more prone to dryness, coupled with harsh weather condition, or excess exposure to sunlight; the eye area is prone to dryness, with appearance of fine lines and winkles.

  To prevent, reduce, and improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes, eye cream becomes a perfect choice for these skin concerns. Eye cream is formulated with rich lipids, antioxidants and other actives to combat aging effects and protect from environmental pollution. Here are the benefits of using eye cream.

The Benefits of using Eye cream

  1. Prevent wrinkle formation and reduce the appearance.
  2. Improves the skin texture.
  3. Moisturizes the skin to reveal a supple and soft skin.
  4. Protects against damage. Due to increased sensitivity, the skin is prone to damage.
  5. Reduces dark circle and puffy eyes.

Before aging signs creep in, usually in late 20s and in 30s, start using eye cream for early prevention. For effective result, ensure that you apply daily, by gently patting on a clean face using your ring finger. Constant application rejuvenates the skin.

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