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How to slow down Skin Aging


How to slow down Skin Aging

As we age, the skin looses it elasticity, becomes thinner, and collagen production is reduced. Over exposure to sun rays also greatly impact the skin leading to premature aging. 

A lot of questions are being asked on what to do? What to use to either control or stop this process. However, majority seems to focus on the wrong things.

To truly fight aging signs using skincare products, the first line of action is to use "Sunscreen!" Studies revealed that using broad spectrum sunscreen with at least 30spf can significantly reduce and prevent the signs of skin aging.

Aside using sunscreen, another thing to do is to include products such as serum with high performance anti- aging ingredients like retinol, vitamin C and vitamin B- niacinamide and panthenol.

These ingredients protect your skin barrier, enhance the texture, support collagen synthesis, and brighten the skin. 

While at it, make sure you go for reliable brands. 

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