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Week Instructions
Week 1-4: The first week will be a zoom call or WhatsApp video for you and your consultant get to meet properly. Your consultant also clerk you and get your past medical history, and recommend some tests to be done.
Week 10-12 and 16: Conversation on choosing a physical ante-natal center.
Week 20: Education and awareness on fetal development, physical and emotional changes, and recommended test.
Week 25: Education on growing baby’s capacity, relaxation practice, suggested topics to reading, and other assessment.
Week 28: Education on changes in third trimesters, breastfeeding and transitions to parenthood.
Week 31: Education on physical and mental preparation for childbirth and parenthood. Practical exercises and mental training. Suggested reading: labor and birth.
Week 33: Education on normal birth, non-pharmacological pain relief and massage demonstration.
Week 35: Further reflection on the birth, and pharmacological pain relief methods, intervention/complications. Enlightenment on expectations for giving birth. Suggested reading: Postpartum and first time follow birth.
Week 37: Education on changes in the body/mind after birth. Partner/relatives reactions. Your child’s first time. Suggested reading: Transition to parenthood.
Week 39: Continued childbirth discussion, preparation for parenthood. Child health and care and practical exercises.
Week 41: Antenatal assessment and contact with birth clinic.
8-12 Week post-partum: Birth experiences, contraception, sex, life/sexuality discussion, and assessment.

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