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Not Sure if You are a Sex Addict? Check these Questions to Find Answers

It’s perfectly normal not to accept some uncomfortable truth about ourselves; an example is being a sex addict. While sex is good for the mind and body, when sexual behaviors or actions begin to hurt you or others, that becomes an issue that should be solved.

Do you love sex so much but are unsure if it’s becoming an addiction or if you already are an addict? Let’s have a quick read about sex addiction and knowing if you are an addict.

What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction is called other names like hypersexuality, sexual compulsion, or compulsive sexual behavior. An individual cannot control their sexual thoughts or behaviors that adversely affect their life. An addict may find themselves having sexual fantasies, constantly thinking about sex, or feeling the urge to engage in sexual behaviors even when it’s appropriate. This compulsive behavior may lead to adverse outcomes in areas like your health, finance, or legal issues.

Now that you know what this term is, here are the questions you should ask yourself to see if you have a sex addiction.

Questions that can help you discover if you are struggling with sex addiction

Do you lose control?

Typically, sex addicts feel they are unable to control their sexual urges. Do you constantly have sexual ideas at the wrong time or engage in sexual behaviors you sincerely wish you could stop? If your answer is yes, that may indicate sex addiction.

Do you feel remorse after sex?

Do you feel shame or guilt after engaging in sex or activities like masturbation, watching pornography, or phone sex? Many sex addicts who compulsively engage in sexual acts often feel negative emotions afterward.

Do you use sex as an escape route from your problems?

If you constantly engage in sexual activities to suppress negative feelings, you may struggle with sex addiction. The report shows that sex addicts use sex to hide feelings of anxiety or depression, deal with low self-esteem, or shot traumatic memories. If this sounds familiar, it may signify that your sexual behavior is fast becoming an issue.

Do you keep sexual secrets?

The society we live in stands for sexual modesty and self-control. Hence, telling your truth or being your authentic self may be complex. Regardless, hiding your sexual behaviors due to guilt or shame may lead to struggling with sex addiction. More often than not, many sex addicts try to keep their fantasies and sexual frequency a secret from their sexual partners and spouses.

Do you spend the money you don’t have on sex?

It’s common to find an addict spending on their addiction even when they don’t have the money. Spending vast amounts of money on sexual pleasures or behaviors like pornography, phone or chat lines, sex workers, or strip clubs are standard among sex addicts. However, many people spend on these things with their money without issues. But if you have to pay more than you can afford or run into debt, it may indicate sex addiction.

Is your addiction affecting your relationship?

Sex addicts find that their sexual behavior affects their relationships at home, work, and with friends. An uncontrollable sexual activity can make sex addict miss work, say no to social invitations, and distance themselves from their family. If this is already happening, you may be a sex addict.

Could your sexual behavior put you in legal trouble?

Sex addicts can feel the urge to engage in sexual behaviors regardless of the consequences. If you can’t stop yourself from having sexual activities that could cause legal issues, you may have compulsive sexual behavior. Examples of such behaviors are; having sex in public spaces or hiring sex workers in areas where sex work is against the law.

Do you have unsafe sex?

Having unsafe sex may sound typical, but not when you regularly and intentionally engage with random people. Sex addicts often have unsafe sex, even when exposed to AIDS or STDs. If you always have sex in unsafe places, with dangerous partners, or without using condoms, you may have an addiction problem.

Are you preoccupied with sexual thoughts?

Although sexual thoughts and fantasies are common, people who struggle with sexual compulsion feel like they can’t think about anything else. Lagging at work or school or losing focus on things you once loved because of sexual thoughts and fantasies can signify sex addiction.




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