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Oral Commandments

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Oral Commandments


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Healthy teeth birth confidence. One of the impressions you leave behind when you meet people for the first time is, she/he has a beautiful smile or lovely set of teeth.

To prevent mouth odor, tartar or plaque among other teeth issues, it is important to care for your teeth. For healthy teeth, here are routines to practice.

  1. Brush your teeth twice daily. An average individual brushes once a day. To enjoy a sensitive free and odor free teeth it's crucial you wash in the morning and last thing at night.
  2. Floss daily and do that before brushing your teeth to get rid of particles hidden between the teeth and cleanse area your toothbrush can't touch.
  3. Use a tooth paste formulated with sodium fluoride. 
  4. Use a soft and small head toothbrush. Small head toothbrushes touches every corner of mouth and teeth. 
  5. Brush your teeth gently and properly. And also brush for about two to three minutes. 
  6. Brush your tongue everytime you brush to get rid of particles or bacteria. 
  7. Mouth washes are good but use with caution. Alcohol mouth washes dries out your mouth and encourage mouth odor.
  8. Don't smoke.
  9. Finally don't rinse your mouth after brushing. This is applicable to those using sodium fluoride toothpaste. Rinsing off after brushing is like a waste of effort, because you are not giving the active ingredient (fluoride) enough time to do its job. And don't eat or drink anything until after 30minutes of brushing. 

Also, avoid too hot or too cold foods/drinks. Stay away from sugary foods or consume in moderation to avoid tooth decay, and mouth odor. Eat your vegetables and fruit daily.  

brushing the teeth gently makes me remember we did brush the teet as if it was a toilet tile lol, thanks for this information!

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Thank you. I learnt something new today. We are also told to change our toothbrush every 2-3 months too. This is the only one have been practicing for a long time now.

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