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Constant change

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Constant change

Before I graduated from secondary school. I couldn't wait to start relaxing my hair, braid, and make long weave ons. My school of thought then was that plaiting your natural is for local, old, and poor people. My mates knew how excited I was about making hair, I once had an argument with a girl on natural hair, why she would suffer her self instead of her to relax her hair.

I believed plaiting your natural hair was painful, and stressful to style. Fast forward to when I started making my hair, I realized my scalp was soft. Every time I relax my hair, I end up with serious scalp injure. To top it all, I couldn't keep with the financial commitment of buying attachment, and pay stylist for a good hair style. 

I resolved to relaxing my hair every 3 months, and keep combing the hair everyday for the next three months. A decision that affected the health of my hair badly. In between this period, I do beg my friend for relaxer. 

Few years of struggling with stunted and damaged hair, I finally agreed that to save my hair I need to start plaiting Didi. A decision I'm thankful for.

It's been 4 years since I started rocking my natural hair, and I still look good and more beautiful. Little to no money required to plait, steady treatment and enjoying the cool runny water calming my head every time I choose to wash.

I have learnt to never say never, and embrass my originality as an African. Maybe in the nearest future, I will combine wig or any other styles to change look.

Change is truly constant. Natural hair do is not that bad. I prefer it to wigs though, so far it is well kempt. 

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Dreadlocks all the way for me. Makes me feel comfortable and in control of my hair. Lots of girls not liking to carry their natural hair to me looks like mental slavery. 

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