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Language barrier experience

Have you been to a state or country where English is not majorly spoken, and you can't speak their language well? What is/are your experiences? 

About 6 years ago, I was in a northen state. I have been there for some months and learning "Hausa" gradually. So one weekend I was going to the market, I stopped a tricycle rider heading to the market. 

Most of them can barely speak English; so I decided to put my language practice into testing. I waved him to stop and I said in Hausa "So ka", he gave me a weird look and drove off. I was like what's wrong with this one? Just tell me you're not going and I will understand instead of giving me a weird look.

After stopping 3 riders and got the same treatment, I knew something was wrong somewhere. I stopped the last guy and said the same thing, luckily for me there was a passenger in the Keke, she laughed really hard and said do you know what you're saying? I replied with all confidence that I was going to the market. Poor me! She said So ka means come down in hausa; that I should have said kaswua which means market. Finally I realized what was going on.

Getting home, I explained my ordeal to neighbors and they didn't help matters too. So ka practically became my name throughout that year, but it ignited my interest in understanding the language more. 

What's your experience too?

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