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How to prevent vagina bumps

Vulva acne also known as vagina acne or pimples, is caused by trapped hair follicle which result in infection. It mostly occur due to razor bumps, or irritation. 

To treat or avoid vagina acne, when next you are about to shave, do the following:

Exfoliate your vagina with mild or gentle exfoliants such as rice powder mix with milk or honey, bitter leaf paste or loofah sponge. 

Leave it on for 20 minutes while gently massaging the area.

After the set time, rinse off with water, Pat dry.

Apply a whiped Shea butter with coconut oil on it, then shave.

After shaving, rinse off again with water and Pat dry. 

Excessive Shaving too also causes vagina acne. Shave at most once or twice a month to maintain your vagina health. 

Shave in the direction of hair growth, it helps prevent ingrown hairs.

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