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My partner has STD

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My partner has STD

I guess my boyfriend has STD, but refuses to go for a test. We just started dating, now I'm scared he has infected me. 

You should encourage your partner to go for a test to be sure of what's going on. You as well should go for a test, if you both have been having unprotected sex. 

When you first contract an STD, your body needs time to recognize and produce antibodies to the disease. During this time, known as the incubation period, you may not experience any symptoms.

If you test for an STD too early and the incubation period is not over yet, you may test negative for the disease even if you do have it.

In addition, even after the incubation period has passed, there are some STDs that can take months or years to produce symptoms.

Since most STD tests use antibodies (not symptoms) as a marker of disease status, having symptoms is not necessarily a reliable marker of infection. That’s why it’s important to test for any STDs you think you may have encountered — even if you don’t have symptoms

Here are common STD with their incubation period:

STD Incubation period
chlamydia 7–21 days
genital herpes 2–12 days
gonorrhea 1–14 days
hepatitis A 15–50 days
hepatitis B 8–22 weeks
hepatitis C 2–26 weeks
HIV 2–4 weeks
HPV 1 month–10 years (depending on type)
oral herpes 2–12 days
syphilis 3 weeks–20 years (depending on type)
trichomonas 5–28 days


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