A bad breath can happen due to a number of things.

  • infection which can be confirmed when you see a dentist.
  • How serious do you take your oral hygiene; do you brush twice a day, do you brush your tongue, do you gurgle while brushing, when do you change your toothbrush, the type of toothpaste used? 
  • If your meal is high in sulfur, like garlic, onion, etc, they will definitely cause your mouth to smell.or your eating habit, bacteria in the mouth feed on sugary foods and encourage their growth. 
  • Some medication can also be responsible. If you are on drugs, and you observe your mouth smells it could be the drug.
  • If you don't talk for some time, when you do your mouth can produce odour.
  • When you are hungry or fasting, your mouth will smell.

When bacteria becomes much in the mouth it completely normal for your mouth to smell. What you can do is to check which one is responsible. You can make a mint sugar free gum your companion, drink water in between so as to flush bacteria. Eat healthy if you don't.

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