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Extreme dry skin

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Extreme dry skin

I had kidney infections,
one of the drug they gave me for removal of excess water in the body causes extreme dry skin.
I was asked not to use any kind of cream and soap for the main time.
So I'm thinking of making a good organic soap to exfoliate my skin and moisture it. Because it's so dry and it irritates me. Any recipe I can make?

Sorry about that. Hope you are feeling better. that's correct. You can't use just any how products for now. Also, doing it yourself at the moment is not advisable.
Instead you trusted skincare products like CeraVe or Vaseline petroleum jelly and a simple toilet soap. You need maximum hydration and highmoisturise right now.
The dryness  you're experiencing is tempora because of the drug. Gentle approach is advisable for now until you're off the drugs.

 You can be lucky for the scar to go away, it all rest on what you are doing at the moment to diminish the scar and repair the skin.
 Like I said hydration and Moisturising helps. However, cold pressed olive oil, rosehip oil, helps repair the skin and reduce scar appearance. You can also talk to your doctor about it for other recommendations. Wishing you speedy recovery.

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