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What's your view about stretch marks


We live in a world where perfection equal to acceptance or self worth. Stretch marks are beautiful stripes common among women but also present in men. While some men find it really disgusting and some goes as far as breaking up a relationship because of it or give the woman an ultimatum to either find a way around it or go their separate ways. 

Some stretch marks appear minimally in some, while others appear bold and big.

Temi otedola took to Twitter to express her self about societal perception about stretch marks. She also shared a picture showing the fine lines she has on her arm. She said "Stretch marks are so beautiful. how did we let society tell us otherwise??

While stretch marks can't be completely erased most especially for old ones, appearance of new stretch marks can be reduced if spotted on time. Laser treatment is still the best and most reliable method available. 

Stretch marks are evidence of tear under the skin. Here are are few reasons for having stretch marks;

  • Gene: stretch marks inherited from a parent.
  • Pregnancy
  • Rapid weight gain or loss
  • Bleaching skincare products (which is rapidly becoming a reason for some stretch marks).

What's your view about stretch marks

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