An enlarged pores is common among oily skin type mostly on the bridge of the nose. Harsh cleansers (face wash) can also be responsible. Skincare routine to help with enlarged pores are;

Mild cleansers: washing with mild or pH regulated cleansers help deep cleanse the face and get rid of trapped dirt and excess sebum.

Face masks: masking your face with mineral Clay's is an effective way of reducing pore sizes. Bentonite clay or any clay of choice mixed with water or dilute with apple cider vinegar and mix with mineral clay of choice. Use three times a week.

Toners: pH regulated toners such as green tea, rose water toner helps balance the skin pH after having your bath and also remove dirts trapped within the skin. 

Exfoliants: avoid physical scrub like sugar or salt.  Pawpaw or tumeric mixed honey works fine. Exfoliate at least once a week and not more than twice a week.



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