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5 Unexpected signs of depression



  5 Unexpected signs of Depression

Common signs of depression to people are having suicidal thoughts, and not being able to do day to day activities like you used to. Here are a few unexpected signs of depression that look like random behavior but they are not.

1. Uncontrolled shopping: Buying things that you don't need in order to make you feel good or distract you from actual worries could be a sign of depression.
2. Abusing alcohol: It's not new that people drink to take their minds off problems. Drinking alcohol to boost your mood is short lived, excessive and frequent intake of alcohol can worsen depression.
3. Staying long on the internet: When you prefer being on the internet for long doing things like; roaming in and out of online groups, watching porn, and visiting games sites instead of interacting with those around you. 
4. Shoplifting: Some feelings of depression comes with being powerless and unimportant. Research found out that a third of shoplifters are depressed. Shoplifting makes them feel important and in charge.
5. Reckless sexual practices: Depression is linked with lost urge for sex than an increased enthusiasm for sex. While some indulge in sex to manage depression or stress. Increased sexual engagement most especially with random people, obsession with sex, and indulging in unsafe sex can be signs of depression or bipolar disorder.

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