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About COVID-19 Vaccine


Since COVID-19 vaccine became available, some reported adverse effects like skin reactions, aches, and numbness.

Some European countries suspended the use of AstraZeneca vaccine after reports of it cloting the blood and death.

Here are information regarding COVID-19 vaccine and its effect after receiving the vaccine. 

According to COVID-19 experts and World Health Organization (WHO), vaccine can't give you Covid, because they don't contain any live virus that causes Covid. They're messengers that teach your immune how to kill the virus, then disappear.

Is it normal to experience side effects after taken the vaccine? 

When a virus enters the body, the body fights back.

Common symptoms like chills or fever are signs that your immune system is attacking the virus by increasing blood flow and raising your body temperature.

While it is normal to build immunity without side effects, it's also normal for some people to experience mild to moderate symptoms after taking the vaccine. Symptoms like pains at the injection site, chills, and fever. 

These side effects usually last a few days, and go on their own. 

Vaccines help protect you against disease, and feeling mild or moderate side effects after receiving one is a sign that the vaccine and your immune system are working.

Have you taken the vaccine, did you feel any side effects?

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