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What Happened to you


A saying goes that we are shaped by our experience. Who we are today, was a result of events or things we encountered growing up. 

The giant billionare media guru "Oprah Winfrey" always talk about how her experiences growing up made her who she is today.

She said she just co- wrote a book titled "what happened to you"? The book is about how happenings in life growing up influenced her and her view about life and relationships. 

As seen on Facebook, she said;

What happened to you? It's one of the most important questions we can ask someone, especially when they're going through something. Most of the struggles I endured as a child resulted in trauma that would define many relationships, interactions, and decisions in my life. It took decades of work, conversations, and healing to break those cycles and make peace with my past. 

She went further to share some experiences;

"The most pervasive feeling I remember from my own childhood is loneliness. My mother and father were together only once, underneath an old oak tree. Nine months after that singular encounter, I arrived.

I lived with my grandmother for the first six years of my life and when she passed away, I was shuttled between my mother, who had moved to Milwaukee, and my father, in Nashville.

My mother worked as a maid for fifty dollars a week doing what she could to care for three young children. There was no time for nurturing. My mother felt distant, cold to the needs of this little girl.

All of the energy went to keeping her head above water, surviving. I always felt like a burden, an "extra mouth to feed." I rarely remember feeling loved, which impacted my ability to experience love as an adult.

What happened to you?

We all have a story to share about things that happened to us. Do you care to share what happened to you? 

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