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9 Common Reasons why you Urinate Frequently


9 Common Reasons why you Urinate Frequently

Lots of people have been asking why they urinate frequently, even after using the restroom minutes later. While some think the weather is responsible for it, others it might be infection. 

While many things can be responsible for peeing often, we will be talking about the most common causes for urinating frequently. 

  1. Excess Intake of Water: Drinking excess water is not limited to plain water. Beverages, fruits, and water content in foods all accumulate and make you urinate frequently. This can eventually cause lower the amount of sodium in your blood below normal. The recommended amount of water is between 6-10 cups for women and 6-12 cups for men. Your urine color tells you if you are dehydrated or overhydrated. 
  2. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): UTI is usually the most common cause responsible for frequent urination. When bacteria infect your bladder, and kidneys, your bladder swells and can't hold urine. This makes your urine to become cloudy, bloody and produce unpleasant smell. You can also experience fever, abdominal pain, and chills. If you feel any of these symptoms, see a doctor for treatment.
  3. Diabetes (Mellitus): Type 1 and 2 diabetes raise your blood sugar. The kidneys try to filter the excess sugar out but can't always do that; this makes the sugar end in the urine, hence drawing water from the body and make you urinate the more. 
  4. Vaginitis: When the vagina becomes infected with yeast, bacteria, viruses, or inflamed due to medication and hormone changes. Irritations from chemicals in creams, and clothes can make you itch or feel a burning sensation when peeing. These can further lead to discharge, a strange smell, and urge to urinate frequently.
  5. Excess Alcohol or Caffeine: These drinks acts like a diuretic and flush more water out of your body. They reduce production of vasopressin, causing your kidneys to release more water to your body instead of taking it directly to your bladder. 
  6. Weak Pelvis: when the muscles of your lower belly region becomes stretched and weak due to pregnancy, and childbirth, this can either make the bladder move out of position, or make your urethra stretched out. These result to urine leakage.
  7. Menopause: Menopause can be challenging to women as the body produces less estrogen which makes you pee more often 
  8. Constipation: Finding it difficult to poo cause your bowel to become full till it rest against your bladder and make you want to pee again and again. 
  9. Pregnancy: Yes I guess we all know that, as the baby grow in size, it pushes on your bladder making you feel like you need to pee. Also, pregnancy hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) makes you urinate the more.

There are many factors responsible for frequent urination, here are the few listed. Prostate cancer, sleep apnea, cancer treatment, diabetes insipidus, diuretics, etc are also responsible. If you have consistent urge to pee, kindly see your doctor. 

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