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Breast Cancer Awareness (No bra day)


It's No Bra Day

Today is no bra day. A day set apart to raise awareness about breast cancer. Women all over the world are  promoting this movement with a no bra picture either by wearing free apparel or leave their upper body bare. 

 No bra's day is dedicated to every warriors who survived breast cancer and also to raise awareness about this disease.

As a woman, you are advised to self examine your breast few days (3-5 days) after seeing your period for early detection. While every lump is not cancerous, if at any point you observe a lump especially a moveable one, don't just assume, go and see a doctor.
If you have any pains not associated with hormones like pregnancy or premenstrual syndrome, kindly see a doctor.

Do you know how to perform breast palpitation? 

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