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How to prevent razor bumps


What can I do to avoid having razor bumps every time I shave? And what can I do to reduce or clear existing ones? 

Hi, kindly check Askclinik blog for this topic: Waxing or shaving which is better, to learn more about shaving. 

Back to your question, to prevent razor bumps, bath with hot water or exfoliate with physical scrub to soften the hair before shaving. lnstead of shaving bare, use a shaving gel, or shaving cream, and then shave with a sharp and single razor blade. Always shave in the direction of hair growth, and apply a moisturising cream or stabilized aloe gel to soothe the area. Doing these will reduce and prevent razor bumps. 

To clear existing bumps, apply a salicylic acid toner after bathing in the bumps, and then moisture with neem seed oil or hemp seed oil. Goodluck. 


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