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4 Effective Herbs to Induce your Period


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 4 Effective Herbs to Induce your Period

Is it even possible to induce or delay menstruation? I must say that I was perplexed when a lady asked this question in a group on Facebook. The woman said that she is in a distant marriage, and will be seeing her husband in a week which happens to be the same week she will be menstruating. In order to make her journey worth it (sexually), she needed something she can take to induce her period.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get the answer to her question because it completely sounded strange to a lot of people; while others opined that there will be consequences health-wise if she eventually do that. Well, I believe anything is possible once you have the right information. As always, I did some online research from reputable sources and surprisingly, it is possible to induce your period.

Although the natural methods are not backed scientifically, however, they have shown to be effective without causing any harm to users. Below are natural ways to make your period come faster. 


This tropical fruit contains a rich source of bromelain, a powerful enzyme that can affect the estrogen hormones and other reproductive hormones in the body. This fruit is so powerful that different accounts from pregnant women were that they almost had a miscarriage after eating pineapple. Some women claimed that once they are due for delivery and still no sign of labor, they simply eat some, and within hours or a day, they go into labor.  

While there is no scientific backup to support this, if you ever feel the need to induce your period, you can just aim for some slice of the delicious fruit. 


Yes, ginger. While this root is superb for relieving menstrual cramps, it is believed that it can induce periods by stimulating uterine contractions. Cooking with food may not be ideal this time around; however, you can simply blend it with water and extract the juice or boil some in water and drink it as tea. 


This brightly colored flower is known to cause an abortion in pregnant women when taking in an excess amount, thanks to its antioxidants properties. This estrogen-reducing hormone plant can help induce your period or regulate it when needed. Boil a handful in a glass of water for 5 minutes, strain, and drink. 


The golden-colored and super effective root is loved by many for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is believed to work by affecting the estrogen and progesterone hormone levels. You can consume it by boiling the fresh or dried root in water or milk.

Are there other ways to induce my period?

Apart from using natural medicine, another way to induce your period is by having sex. 

Any sexual activity capable of causing giving you orgasm(s) is believed to stimulate your period. How does it work? Having an orgasm makes the cervix dilate and creates a vacuum to pull menstrual blood down. 


Despite being natural remedies, it is advisable that you speak with your healthcare provider before consuming them. Also, if you have any pre-existing health conditions and when taking any medication, kindly discuss them with your health provider before taking any herbs.  


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