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Effective ways to get rid of Menstrual Cramps


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Effective ways to get rid of Menstrual Cramps

Not every woman finds it funny when on their period. From migraines to irritability and cramps are the not so pleasant symptoms that comes with menstruating every month. Dysmenorrhea is a condition that happens to about 50 % of women of reproductive age due to prostaglandins that stimulate contractions in the uterus to ensure shedding of the uterine lining.  However, some underlying gynecologic condition and imbalance hormone may as well contribute to period cramps. 

Most women often experience paralyzing cramps which sometimes affect their mood and day to day activities. If menstrual cramps affect your normal daily activity, ensure that you see as doctor. If the thought of having your periods makes you freak out due to pains, here are some healthy and effective ways to manage it. 

Take a pain reliever

Taking a simple over- the- counter analgesic such as PCM, or NSAIDs like ibuprofen helps with menstrual cramp. Also, if you know when your period will start, it’s always good to take the drugs a day before then. A lot of women run to this drugs during menstruation, however, if you have to rely on them 100 % or abuse them to feel okay kindly note that it’s not normal and you need to see a doctor for evaluation. 

Reduce your stress level

Sound strange? Well, according to a study, stress can affect the intensity and duration of your menstrual cramp. Research participants who experienced high level of stress in a given month, where more likely to report severe menstrual symptoms during the next period, compared to when they weren’t stressed. 

Eat higher fiber diet

We all know the importance of eating healthy. According to report, women who ate more fiber seem to experience less menstrual cramps compared to those who ate less of the diet. From the study, it was connected that fiber intake can decrease blood estrogen levels in women, as estrogen tend to be a determinant reason for period related cramps. 

Exercise during this time

One of the best excuses to give for not hitting the gym is “menstrual pain.” While this may be the last thing on your mind, exercising especially high intensity ones may be just what you need in the long run. Studies show that women who exercise regularly appear to generally have less pelvic pain.  

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