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5 Exercises that help you Sleep Better


5 Exercises that help you Sleep Better


Regular exercise helps maintain a healthy weight and ensure good health. Another benefit of exercising is improving your sleep; quality sleep is crucial to boost your mood, cognitive function, and productivity.


Sometimes people complain of poor sleep or insomnia due to various reasons. And instead of relying heavily on meds or unhealthy habits such as excessive use of alcohol or stimulants, there are practical exercises you can try out to ensure better sleep.


Aerobic exercise

If you getting the recommended sleep hours (7-8 hours) is challenging, or you wake up between sleep, then you need aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises that may help you sleep better are walking, jogging, and swimming. According to studies, moderate-intensity aerobic exercise is better for your sleep health than intense exercise.


Strength training

Strength training, also called resistance exercises, such as push-ups, sit-ups, and weight lifting builds muscle. Research thinks regular short sessions of these exercises could improve sleep and lower anxiety and depression symptoms that prevent sleep.



Yoga is a household exercise known to improve body stamina and core. Studies show that adults above 60, women with sleep issues, and women with type 2 diabetes experience better sleep at night with a routine yoga practice. 



Performing basic stretches regularly and before bed can improve blood flow and reduce muscle tension to make you relax and ensure better sleep. Studies show stretching can increase the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep you get when your brain arranges and stores memory.


Breathing exercises

It may sound basic, but taking a few minutes every night to perform deep breathing lowers your blood pressure, calms, and relaxes your body in preparation for a quality night's sleep.


In conclusion, the time you exercise is crucial to ensure sound sleep health. Exercise, especially cardio, release chemicals called endorphins into your bloodstream; this can increase brain activity in some individuals and keep them awake instead of sleeping. Hence, you should end cardio exercise 1 to 2 hours before bed so your brain can calm down.




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