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5 Drinks that Support Weight loss


5 Drinks that Support Weight loss


The focus should be on exercise and calorie intake when trying to lose some weight. While we tend to pay a lot of attention to our plates and the food we eat, watching the drink in our glasses is also essential.


Rather than drink just any beverages, you need to watch the quantity you pour into your glasses to help control your appetite and reduce calorie intake. If calorie counting is your thing, here are the best drinks to aid weight loss.



They say water is life. Science has shown that this colorless and timeless liquid offers many health benefits beyond hydration. Drinking at least 2 glasses of water before your meal makes you feel fuller, prevents you from overeating, and increases metabolism. Also, replacing water with sweetened soft drinks helps cut hundreds of calories from your diet daily.


Green tea

Green tea is known for its fantastic health benefits and contains unique antioxidants, “catechins,” that may help with weight loss. This makes an excellent choice if you need an extra boost in your weight loss journey. Aside from being calorie-free, you should take some green tea at least twice a day to enjoy the weight loss benefit.


Soy milk

Beverages that are low in calories but loaded with nutrients are excellent options for losing weight. An example is soy milk; another plant-based milk substitute, almond milk, has fewer calories than cow’s milk but contains less protein. Hence making it a less suitable option for weight loss.


Black coffee

Black coffee is a better option for caffeine than soda or energy drinks. It is calorie-free and rich in antioxidants. Studies show that drinking moderate amounts of this beverage may improve mood and concentration. But remember, an average intake is advised.


Vegetable juice

Juicing vegetables may sound boring, but it is as nutritious as your favorite fruit juice with fewer calories. For instance, a cup of tomato juice has 41 calories, compared to 122 calories for orange juice. When juiced with pulp provides some amount of fiber that may help curb hunger.



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