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5 Fruits with Unbelievable Health Benefits


5 Fruits with Unbelievable Health Benefits


We all know that fruits are loaded with a wide range of nutrients, and promote good health.  With various fruits out there, it’s expected to focus on some and neglect the others- probably due to preference or other personal reasons.

 There are some fruits you actually might be consuming or ignore during shopping because they are boring, bitter, or whatever (so to speak) with zero ideas of how beneficial they are to health.  Below are some fruit packed with excellent health benefits, and if you haven’t been taking enough of them, you should do that after reading this.


Anything berry comes with all the goodness your body needs; blueberries can help you stay healthy in numerous ways. According to a study, it contains a compound called pterostilbene that works with vitamin D in cells to enhance the immune system and ward -off Infections.


Personally, it took a lot of convincing (health benefits) to start taking this fruit. The bitter-sweet taste is one reason I would rather drink water than take it. Grapefruit is an amazing fruit to include in your diet to decrease your risk of insulin resistance. According to research, grapefruit contains a compound called naringenin that offers anti-inflammatory benefits and protect against developing cardiovascular disease. But the research is preliminary and not clear if the effect will be the same in humans.


Tangerine may help support metabolic health.  According to research, a flavonoid in it may help protect the body against metabolic syndromes such as high fasting blood sugar, high triglyceride levels, and high blood pressure. Health aside, tangerine peels have been shown to improve skin texture and tone because they are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. 


Bananas are a berry that contains lots of antioxidants, fibers, and vitamins. They support weight loss and curb appetite thanks to their fiber content. Although their nutrient level changes depending on how ripe they are.  Under-ripe bananas are loaded with resistant starch, which helps curb appetite and regulate blood sugar levels.


It’s normal to see people easily pass by a fruit shelf with pears (I do that a lot). Well, if the digestive issue is your concern, when next you hit the store, walk straight to the shelf and pick a few for starters. Pears support a healthy digestive system because they are rich in fiber and dietary fiber impacts your gut’s microflora.

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