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Our lives matter

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Our lives matter

If we all are to come out and share our experiences with SARS, the day will end without finishing our stories. This organization was created to curb the rate of crimes in the society. But unfortunately, they are now the evil that needs to be eradicated from the society. Lots of innocent tears, Scars to live with, innocent souls sent on a journey of no return.

Do we have the good ones among them? Yes. But unfortunately the bad outweigh the good. We need to stand together and unanimously say no to violation of human rights. Our lives matter.

My look and material possessions are not enough to make me a criminal or a suspect except you have a proof. My online skill(legitimate) doesn't make me a criminal, international connect doesn't make me a criminal, owing a domiciliary account or crypto currency doesn't make me a criminal. 

Stop making us live in fear of who your next target is gonna be. 


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