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Makeup Rules

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Makeup Rules

In the beauty world, everyone wants to be a trend setter, make their own rules to suit how they want to look. The general saying that there is no one size fit it all approach may not totally work for how to wear your make up, and how it sit on your face.  There are definitely Dos and Don't to watch out far and know about Make-ups. Below are basic make up rules to follow:

Make-up Rules

  • Use a natural light source such as a window, after applying your foundation to see if it blend with your face. 
  • Use an eyebrow powder or eye shadow to fill your brow instead of an eye pencil. Always use a shade that's a little lighter than your hair; for example, dark hair color should use a brown highlight or a color close to that.
  • Brush your bronzer on areas where the sun hits your face, such as forehead, nose bridge,and chin.
  • Use concealers one shade lighter than your skin tone to reduce the appearance of dark circle.
  • Instead of a foundation, use a tinted moisturizer. A tinted moisturizer hydrates and even out the skin.
  • Wear a smiley face when you about to apply a blush. Locate your apples cheek and brush towards your ears.
  • If you have a thin lips, use a brightly colored lipstick such as red color, to make your lips appear fuller. While fuller lips should use dark colored lipstick to make the lips appear flat.
  • Do it your neck what you do to your face. Always apply foundation to your neck, chest area, and shoulders to give a uniform look with your face.
  • No rules of time. Glitters are believed to be for a crazy sparkling party. In the real story, glitters can be worn anytime of the day.
  • Wear primers before applying make-up to prevent your face from getting sweaty or oily. If you have an oily skin types, a stabilize aloe vera gel works great for a primer.
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