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Sidechick vs Wife

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Sidechick vs Wife

Dear Sugar Daddies,

On behalf of the sidechicks, please stop being reckless at home. Put your house in order, stop putting the lives of your sidechicks at risk because of your carelessness.

Show your wife some love and take care of your family. If you really want to leave your wife for your side chick, then divorce. 

The sidechicks are tired of your wives beating them, embarrassing, and they are tired of doing the same to your wives too. Be man enough to control your affairs.


Dear Wives,

On behalf of the sidechicks, stop cursing, and beating up innocent girls to stay away from your husband. For Christ sake, deal with your shameless husband that broke his vow to you, and disrespected you somuch that you had to know he was cheating on you. Don't go and kill somebody's daughter and go to jail over what is not worth it.

Deal with your husband, he was the one that proposed a relationship, and promised another woman things he couldn't give to you. 

Thank you.


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