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World's Toilet Day

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World's Toilet Day

World's Toilets Day- Sustainable Sanitation for all! 

November 19 is about raising awareness about 4.2 billion people living without safety managed sanitation. 62 percent of Africans do not have access to an improved sanitation facility- a proper toilet- which separates human waste from human contact. 

Using proper toilet helps prevent transfer of virus, fungi, and bacteria present in fecal matter; which can casue disease outbreak such as cholera, and infection like typhoid.

​​​​​​ Examples ; 

When I was in secondary school (boarding house) the school had no toilet for over 500 students. We go inside bushes to relieve ourselves; after defeacating, we either use leaves, papers or nothing! This act affected alot of people's health. At a point at least 5-8 girls fall sick everyday and when tested the results were usually typhoid, or diarrhea.

When I was in University, 8 toilets were available, but 6 were functional for 1000 and more   people staying on campus.  Inadequate water supply made managing the toilets worse. Often times, people defecate on already used toilet, or excreate in eye sore areas. Which can pose as a threat to people's health along the line.

Toilet's day is about taking action to tackle the global sanitation crisis and achieve Success Development Goal 6: water and sanitation for all.

Make good hygiene and sanitation available to all. 

Educate people about the importance of washing hands with soap and water after using the toilets. 




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