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Hygiene Mistakes

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Hygiene Mistakes

Common hygiene mistakes we often make:

  • Using phones in the bathroom: Using your phone in the bathroom can be pleasurable. According to some people, they can't poo if they don't press their phones. If you don't care about using your phone in the toilet, do care to have a hand sanitizer that you can use to wipe the screen and body of your phone after using the toilet.

Bacteria from the bathroom, can become trapped to your phone, which you automatically spread to your living space after leaving the toilet.

  • Not washing your hands with soap and water after using the bathroom: After pooing or peeing you're expected to wash your hands with soap and under a runny water to wash off germs.

To be sure your hands are clean, sing Happy birthday to you two times before rinsing off.

  • Sharing toothbrush, towels (hands, hair,and body) with the family: Sharing personal things can look romantic, but it's not healthy. When you share toothbrush and towels, you share or spread bacteria by doing that, this can cause skin condition like eczema. 
  • Sharing bar soap with people: germs stay on the surface of bar soaps. With COVID-19 on ground, bar soaps are used in places like banks, schools, and other public place. When using a bar soap instead of liquid washes, you are actually getting your hands dirty, rather than cleaning them. When next you see a bar soap meant for public use, kindly turn it down or opt for hand sanitizer.
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