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Inhumane treatments in boarding houses

A teenage boy has been treading after he publicly narrated how he was abused physically and sexually by seniors in the hostel for bed wetting. the young chap experienced an usual weight loss due to months of abuse. 

There has been mixed feeling among people on the internet over his claims. Some feels what he experienced is normal has it will shape him to become a better person in the future.

Since time immemorial, lots of students have suffered sexual molestation, and violence in the hands of staffs and seniors. The culture of respecting your elders made it more difficult for victims to come and tell their stories.

Parents, please check on your wards, and listen to their complaints. Schools should take strict measures to punish any one found of abusing the rights of any students. That way it will encourage victims to speak out, and also put abusers in order.

Abuse of human right is not normal. Let's stop embracing it!

I met a secondary school mate. And all I could remember was when we had a fight in the hostel one day, and one stupid senior (a teenager like us ooo).  She ordered us to slap each other, since we didn't have work to do. I trying to be a good person gave this guy soft touch slaps. Only for him to give dirty slaps.

That hatred went on forever. It was obvious when we saw each other that there was still a beef. I just greeted him casually and left.

Boarding school has messed alot of people up beyond words can quantify.

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