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Who broke us

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Who broke us

This young lady Fatima was a 200l student at Nigeria Open University(NOUN). She was declared missing few days ago. According to her friends, she left home at 6am to write her exam but she didn't make it to school, neither did she return home.

Her body was finally found under a bridge, only for people to start saying runs gone wrong. I mean, really? Would you say that if it were to be a man? Another person said, she's probably a runs girl because of her tinted hair. Does that mean she deserved to die because of her choice of fashion?

According to report, she entered a one chance bus and she got robbed of her belongings and they still went ahead to kill her.

May her soul in peace. No matter who someone is, humanity first before crucifying. Empathy is needed more than ever for the sake of the younger generation.

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