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Headies Grammatical Error


Bella Shmurda has been trending on Twitter for making a grammatical blunder for saying I didn't "came" instead of I didn't come in Headies award night. Reactions from people was he embarrassed himself despite been a graduate.

I had same experience years ago. When I was in primary 3, my class teacher was marking attendant. We just resumed, but I didn't resume the same week. My teacher was to call your name, while you answer with "I came or not."

While calling names, I have been battling with the word to use when it gets to my turn. I have memorised my English only for him to call my name and I replied with "I didn't came". Oh mine.... My mates made jest of me, he corrected me and said I didn't come was the right usage. 

I felt bad that I fucked up but we move. I guess that experience forced me to take English language more seriously. But come to think of it, we need to stop making a big deal out of someone grammatical blunder. 

Like it or hate it, you can never speak so well more than the owner of the language, let's embrace our language and culture. I come in peace.

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