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Introducing Askclinik Community

Askclinik is an online community to create content, ask questions, answer or comment on sexual and reproductive health, physical health, mental health, skincare, weight management, diet, among others. It is your number one help desk to ask questions and share experiences and stories important to you without being judged (safe space).  


Proper healthcare is a global concern at different levels. Askclinik is not undermining the importance of visiting healthcare providers but bridging the gap between the masses and professionals by providing essential information and solutions to people's health concerns. Anyone and everyone can use the platform to create a positive change and impact lives.

Are you a professional within the health space who loves to impact the lives of others through creating great content and enlighten people on core issues? Askclinik is an excellent place to do just that. Do you need a safe space to ask questions, get reliable answers, and support? Askclinik is the right blogging community to join for health and general wellbeing.


Askclinik features

  • Asking questions and providing answers
  • General users posts
  • Anonymous question and answers or anonymous posting
  • Ovulation calculator
  • Meal planner (soon)
  • Blogs and Articles
  • Publications
  • Up-vote/down-vote a question or an answer
  • Become highly ranked with Badges as you engage more in the community  


The forum offers impressive features, the categories include;

1. Physical health

Health is wealth! Every day, thousands of people are searching the internet for health information. If you need reliable information on health questions, you can always ask in the community. As a medical doctor, cardiologist, dentist, and others, you can create health content, like articles, and frequently asked questions and provide answers.



2. Mental health

Mental health is as important as physical health. Stress, anxiety, post-partum depression, drug abuse, PTSD challenges our loved ones and us. We need to understand how to respond to these critical issues and when help is needed. If you are a psychologist or psychiatrist, your contribution to the community towards mental health awareness is essential.

3. Weight management

Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases are affecting the world at large. A sedentary lifestyle and a busy schedule are affecting prudent health decisions. If you are a fitness enthusiast, fitness instructor, dietician, or nutritionist, your contribution must improve on the software. Also, you can share lifestyle tips on weight loss, weight gain, and food choices, among others. The platform will offer a meal planner to guide you on a daily healthy diet.  


4. Sexual and reproductive health

 Many young men and women experience sexual and reproductive health issues like infertility, sexually transmitted infections, infections, poorly treated conditions. Maternal health is another significant concern, especially in Africa, while men's health is a poorly discussed topic around the globe. If you have questions on these issues, you can always ask; if you are an obstetrician-gynecologist and urologist, askclinik is widely opened to share your knowledge.

The platform offers an ovulation calculator for women to track their fertile windows.


5. Skincare and Haircare 

The skin is poorly treated like it's not a part of the health. Skin and hair health are broad issues that need dermatologists, skincare specialists, aestheticians, hair care specialists, formulators to debunk false information, and greenwashing common in the cosmetic and beauty industry. As a skincare expert, you can share tips, safe formulation recipes, and general content around skincare.


Outside these features, we have the gist and trend category to keep up with entertainment and happening around the globe. Another feature is love and relationship; if you ever need a place to clear your mind, seek opinions, and share experiences, you are welcome to the community.  


Do you think Askclinik is the right place to connect with beautiful souls and share knowledge? Sign up. The platform does not stop or limit whatever platform you have already to share your knowledge; it instead empowers you and grows your audience. Remember to add your social links and LinkedIn to connect with people outside the space.

If you are interested in becoming part of our global contributors' group on Askclinik, send an email to informaskclinik@gmail.com.

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