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How does a healthy poo looks like

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N.B this post might look upsetting, cause it's about poo. 

When I was in junior secondary school, our integrated science teacher was talking about poo appearance, and what it says about your diet. He asked us to draw how our poo look like, I raised my hand and he called me up to draw mine. 

I drew an image that looks like my typical poo, only for the class including the teacher to make jest of me saying, it looks like a giant tapworm and I should tell my parents to take me to a doctor. Well, I didn't let it get to me, but I remember always straining my bowel before I could poo back then. 

From the diagram I would say my pool appeared like sasuage but segmented. Now, my question is how should a healthy  poo look like, and what number is your poo from the image above? 

From the above image, sausage like poo is one way normal poo looks like, and kind of how most poos look like too. For me, my poo is 3 and 4. 

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