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Why you Itch your Body after Bathing


Reasons and Preventive Measures to Itching after Bathing

A lot of people complain about itching their body immediately after taking their bath.

Some have resolved to taking drugs or apply hydrocortisone  cream to stop itching but end up applying the cream everyday and it's not supposed to be used daily.

Itching after bathing or when the body is wet is known as acquagenic pruritus, it's often hereditary and other conditions can also be responsible for it.

Some experience itching when they bath with sponge, when the skin is dry or prone to skin condition such as eczema, when they bath with contaminated water or use hot or cold water. 

Here are some tips that have improved the  condition of others with aquagenic Pruritus.

Tips to Manage Aquagenic Pruritus

  1. Bath with cold water if warm or hot water make you itch and vice versa. Also avoid using showers as the pressure of the water can  trigger itching. 
  2.  Add few drops of carrier oil or glycerin to your bathing water especially if your skin is dry. You can also add disinfectant if it works for you. 
  3. Reduce your shower time to not more than 5-10 minutes to avoid dehydration. 
  4. Wash the bathroom at least once or twice a week, as dirty showers can trigger itching. 
  5. Wash your towels with warm water and disinfectant at least once a week. Towels are breeding grounds for microorganisms to thrive. Also use a soft towel to pat dry your body instead of cleaning off the water aggressively.
  6. Use mild, foamless body washes or hydrating soap formulated with honey, glycerin, and aloe vera.
  7. After stepping out of the bathroom, apply body oils or butter while your skin is still moist.
  8. If you must use sponge, use a soft and gentle sponge. Use them less, and change them often as it's another breeding ground for growth of microorganisms. 
  9. If you can, get a water treatment system to purify the water in your house. 

If nothing works after implementing these tips which I doubt, see a doctor for test or see a dermatologist.


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