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5 Common Foods that Age You


5 Common Foods that Age You

You must have seen alot of articles talking about anti-aging foods; but not enough is said about foods that we eat and can make us look older. The general saying that we are what we eat is evident here because some foods that we eat can cause more harm to our body than the good or pleasure we derive from them.

While it's okay to take them consciously or minimally, regular intake of such foods can make the skin age faster. Here are some foods that make us look older. 


Magarines are used for baking, cooking or spread on a slice of bread and enjoyed. Most magarines particularly the solid ones have trans fats; they elevate bad cholesterol (LDL), and lower the good the ones (HDL), and trigger inflamation in the body. Inflammation can result to heart disease and strokes, these two conditions can make you look older than your age.

Sugary Drinks (energy drinks and sodas)

The more sugary drinks you consume, the faster the cells in one's tissue age, a process known as (glycation). Also, these drinks have more calories and added sugar (7-10 teaspoons) more than other beverage. Aside from the damages it does to your teeth, other unhealthy effects of sugary drinks to one's health are; weight gain, dementia,and  increased risk to stroke. 


Alcohol may put you in a good mood for the moment, but these magaritas don't end well on your skin like they make you feel good. Alcohol don't only dehydrates, but also have a huge impact on your skin; even when you try to stay hydrated by drinking considerable amount of water, the water consumed will first hydrate other organs before your skin. If you are not well hydrated, your skin appears and feel dry, which reduces its ability to protect itself against wrinkles.

Processed Meats

Enough on the sausage; processed meats like bacon, pepperoni and ham are cured, smoked, or salted to last longer without getting spoilt. The processing is what actually makes them delicious and also dangerous. To keep them longer and tasteful, sodium and preservatives are added to the meats, these cause inflammation that can break down your body inside and out. While a little inflammation is good, as it helps the cells to heal; excess inflammation can lead to diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

Fried and Baked Foods

Fried foods like doughnut soend quality time in hot oil, this long stay in oil promotes oxidation- free radicals or unstable molecules that damage other molecules in the cells making you look older. fried foods are loaded in free radicals which makes them bad for your skin.

Baked foods on the other hand may not be fried in boiling oil but does a good job in making you look older. Baked foods like cookies and the delicious cakes are high in artery-clogging fat. Baked foods are also loaded with sugar which can cause diabetes, hypertension, tooth decay, etc. To cap it all, baked foods trigger inflamation, and the more inflammation you have, the higher your risks to depression, arthritis, alzheimer's, and certain cancers. 

Which other foods can make you look older?


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