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How to make a Woman Orgasm


How to make a Woman Orgasm

When discussing orgasm, majority of women do say they don’t know what it feels like to experience this minding blowing, yet satisfactory feeling. Some women said to make their men feel special or rather manly in bed, they have to fake reaching climax when in actual sense nothing happened. During a conversation with some women, only one of them understood and have actually experience it before. Of course, after years of being sexually active, she was able to experience with one partner who is now an ex, but she said that the man knew what it takes to make her climax.

According to her, it didn’t just happen; the then partner would ask her questions like how and where do you want to be touched? During a love making session, he can suddenly slow down and ask how she wants it. These questions and events helped her to understand her own body and realized that instead of pretending about this, you can always speak to your partner about how you truly feel.

In a clime where expression from the woman’s end is sometimes perceived as promiscuous, this has made women to be quiet about their feelings, or even understand how and what their body respond to in term of pleasure. Yes, we all know that touching sensitive areas, certain sex positions and hitting the G-spots is considered a way of making a woman reach orgasm. However, many still feel lost in this game of pleasure; so, what is the key as a man to make your female partner orgasm?

Don’t rush, take your time during Foreplay

Even if the atmosphere or your mood and that of your partner seem perfect for a love making session, don’t rush except she tells you to. Women generally needs more physical touch and emotional let’s call it sweet or pet talk to become fully aroused, and ready for orgasm. So, foreplay should not be underrated if you truly desire to make your woman climax. Foreplay can start hours before the main activity, but here’s a way to set you both in the mood.

  • Prepare her mentally. To do this, you can give her a flirty call; leave a sexy short message to prepare her the session. When together, you can light scented candles, pout on a nice and cool music, and decorate the room with fresh flowers. These gestures work for a lot of women.
  • Caress her gently. Caressing in a tender way build a positive tension like kissing, holding her hands, touch her breast and hugging her.
  • Go flirty. Talk about how special and perfect she is and her body. This helps women open up more.

Identify her Pleasure spots

The main and common spots to make a woman orgasm are; the clitoris which work on it by touching tenderly or licking. Also her G-spot is another zone found inside the vagina. Many people don’t know how to find it, but here is how; carefully put your finger inside the vagina while your palm faces up, and then curl your finger up. However, not every woman likes the pressure feeling on their G-spot; so you may want to be sure she likes it before going ahead.

Try out Different Female Sexual Positions

Try out different friendly sexual positions including ones that stimulates the both her clitoris and G-spot. Examples are woman on top, sitting (your partner sits on your lap), rear entry, and other best positions.  

While all these are going in, try to note which stimulates her more, and of course ask for their feedbacks to be sure you she enjoys the acts. The result may not be immediate but consistency will get you there. Remember, practice safe sex, and stick with one sexual partner to reduce your chances of getting STIs.

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