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What is Gender Based Violence


What is Gender Based Violence? 

November 25 to December 10 (16 days activism) is to create awareness and educate about gender based violence. GBV is a violence targeted at a particular gender; male, female, and children. 

Male form of GBV includes:
Gender killing in men
Sexual violence 
Child soldiers or war
Responsibility/ normalising abuse.

Female form GBV includes:
Forced/early marriage
Female genital mutilation 
Sex trafficking/slavery 
Intimate partner violence
Sexual assault, etc

Child form of GBV includes:
Child labor/slavery 
Rape of minor, etc

What is the way forward? Inclusion! 

Speak up, normalise men crying when they need to.

Speak up, normalise women leaving an abusive partner and marriage when they want to. 

Speak up, kids have rights too. 

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