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8 Surprising Benefits of Sex


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8 Surprising Benefits of Sex

Why sex? This topic goes without being discussed daily, among young ones (teenagers) and adults; majority of people seem to have interest in it. Aside from the known fact about sex-which are pleasure and reproduction; I will be sharing with you some benefits of having sex based on research and experts opinion.  

  1. It’s serves as exercise: Although it’s not a complete form of exercise, still, it can be a good form of having moderate exercise. Having sex helps increase your heart rate like you are riding on a bike slowly.
  2. It’s good for a woman’s heart: While some women may not embrace the idea of having sex due to stress, or gynecological conditions, women who have sex a couple of times a week have lower chances of getting heart disease compared to those who have it once un a while. Although there is no clear reason for it.
  3. Helps cure headache:  I know no one will literally jump at having sex when experiencing a banging headache. But guess what? Sex happens to be the pleasurable cure to your pain. When next you have a headache, take some minutes out under the sheet.
  4. Reduce stress: Stress can take a huge toll on both your physical health and mental health. The good news is this, experts said that people who have more sex are less anxious when they in a stressful situations such as workload, and public speaking. A study show that sex as stress reliever only works with a partner, not through masturbation.
  5. May prolong your years: life is beautiful, and we all wish to live forever. According to a study, married women who orgasm more often had a little tendency of living longer. Although the researchers are not certain if the sex is the reason for a long life or it’s simply a sign of being healthy.
  6. Improves your mind: Do you need your A-game on? Sex has been linked to producing new brain cells, and individuals above 50 years who had frequent sex were more able to remember numbers and perform basic math.
  7. Makes you happy: We know that happiness is free, still sex lights up the fire and glow in us. Now you don’t need to make having sex a routine just to be happy, once a week is already too much. Having more sex more than once a week can actually reduce the effect and render the purpose useless. Studies carried out were solely for people in a committed relationship. Hence, meeting up with a total stranger or random people for a happy moment won’t get the job done.  
  8. May help with weight loss: This should excite the ladies. The more sex you have, the higher your chances of getting slimmer. However, scientists are not sure about this, but trying won’t hurt right? To be sure about this, a partner and a scale can help prove that.


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