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Experts Opinions on Moaning during Sex

Experts Opinions on Moaning during Sex

Moaning and screaming are usually not the expressions most partners expects from their partners during intimacy.  Still, during sex, moaning cab be a sign of heightened pleasure and being care-free or willingness to be expressive. 

Are there any benefits of moaning during sex? According to a study by Dr Zhana Vrangalova, a professor of human sexuality at New York University, explains that moaning is an instinctive behaviour to pain and, in the case of sex, an overwhelming pleasure. Below are a few reasons why moaning during sex is good for you and your partner.

  1. Better sex outcomes: experts reveal that communication before, during and after intercourse will help partners achieve better sexual results. Unfortunately, we can't keep taking breaks between strokes to talk about what we like or do not like. Moaning serves as a form of non-verbal communication during sex. Sexual sounds and healthy eye contact tell your partner how to please you.

  2. Mood-boosting: moaning can also be a sign of appreciation, and everyone likes to be complimented. Moaning without restraint during sex tells your partner that they're doing something right, and according to experts, this may do more than just make their day or night.

  3. Transfer of arousal: one recent study states that heightened emotions, which may not be related to sexual activity, can easily be converted to sexual arousal. This phenomenon called transfer of arousal was proposed to explain heightened sexual pleasures experienced just after a heated argument. In the case of moaning, a sound typically associated with pain becomes a sexual stimulation for your partner.

  4. Faster climax: experts say that biting down a moan may prevent you from reaching climax because you inhibit your natural instincts when you stifle a moan. Letting go may help you reach orgasm quicker.

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