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Know your herbs

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Know your herbs

Herbs are blessings from nature. We use them for our health, skin, hair and rituals (prayers). 

Some herbs are now gaining popularity because of their healing properties and effectiveness. Often times the limitations about them is knowing their names. 

Complains like how do I tell the herb seller what I want to buy? Note, not all herbs have native names, because some of them are not of Africa origin.

I will try and list some herbs and their uses with their native names if there is any, if you know of other popular ones not listed, you can add yours to the list.


1.Basil leaf(scent leaf) also known as efirin- used to treat skin conditions like eczema, acne, ringworm. It is a natural antibiotics which makes it a good detoxifier, and for treating minor infections. A wonderful spice for food.

2. Tumeric. Also known as ata ile pupa: This brightly colored spice, is packed with anti-inflammatory properties, and as a strong smell. It is used by oily skin types to control oil production, used as spice, used as tea to detoxify, a brightening agent in skin care products. Some people are allergic to it, it gives a burning sensation when applied on the such people's skin.

3. Ginger. Known as ata ile- a powerful spice for treating cold, inflammation, and used as spice in food.

4. Camwood. Known as Osun- this Africa indigenous spice is a strong herbs used in those days to beautify brides preparing for their wedding, it is mild, and soothing when used in small quantity. It can be drying to the skin when used excessively. It gives an instant glow when used as an exfoliant.

5. Sandalwood- This herb is often misidentified as camwood. It has no Nigeria native name, and mostly sold in organic stores and India shops. It has similar properties with camwood, and as a lightening agent.

6. Licorice root. Known as omisi misi - a soothing, anti inflammatory, and lightening herbs. If you have an extreme sensitive skin, you should try and add it to your products. 

7. Bitterleaf. Known as ewuro- this herb is next to non in controlling oil produced on the face. For a fast glow, boil some in water, and bath with it. To lighten your skin naturally, infuse the dry leaf in a good Carrier oil. It is an Excellent detoxifying tea.

8. Moringa, known as the miracle plant- Has proven healing record, used as a vegetable in meal, an anti aging plant, and used to treat skin conditions.

9. Bay leaf- used as spice, ritual, and for detoxifying.

10. Cinnamon- a strong aromatic herbs for treating acne, treat cold and an antiseptic for hair growth.

11. Negro pepper. Known as uda, eru Alamo. It has anti-inflammatory properties for treating infection, it is taken as tea to cleanse the womb especially new mothers. It is a hot spice to add aroma to meals.

12. Garlic. Known as ayun- is used as spice, herbal tea, used in treating hair, and boost hair growth.

13. Air plant. Also known as Revive plant, and Ewe abamoda- the dried herb is infused in oil and used as hair growth, it is boiled as tea for menstrual cramp, it is an anti-aging plant, and it helps control oil production on the face.

14. Clove. Known as kanafuru- it acts as a chemical exfoliant when added to black soap, and a good acne treatment. It is not suitable for sensitive skin because of it's burning sensation. It contains anti-inflammatory properties.

So, these are what come to mind, you can add yours too.


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