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Benefits of Black Seeds


General Benefits of Black Seeds

Black seed is another miracle seed with amazing health, skin, and hair benefits but still used below its potentials. 

It contains antioxidant, anti allergic, pain relieving, and antimicrobial properties ( virus, bacteria, and fungi). Those using it have become full believers in its efficacy and have become glued. 

Black seed is available in form of powder, and oil depending on what you want. Here are some benefits of the miracle seed.

  1. Using black seed  in form of supplement can help treat stubborn candidias
  2. Reduces high blood pressure
  3. Brewing the seed as tea detoxifies the body
  4. Introducing black seed in high percentage in your hair care products  or buy hair products with black seed as its major ingredients such as hair mask, shampoo, or the oil stimulate rapid hair growth.
  5. It's perfect for acne, eczema, and ringworm when you use black seed powder as a mask or add black seed oil in your skincare products.
  6. Soothe and hydrate dry skin especially during harmattan. You can add fee drops of black seed oil in your bathing water every morning. It hydrate, smoothens, and glow your skin.
  7. Taking the seed or oil reduces stomach upset.
  8. Softens the skin, adding the oil to your skin care products is a plus to a soft and supple skin.

N.B: Most supplements are not regulated by FDA, you are advised to take black seed supplement with caution. Also, there are not enough research to support ingesting black seed oil, if you must ingest the oil or the tea, take minimally and observe any changes. 

If you need black seed or the oil, check a trusted organic store or order online.



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