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How Ashwagandha improves Sex desire


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How Ashwagandha improves Sex desire

Ashwagandha with the scientific name Withania somnifera is a popular India herb used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is a known aphrodisiac that as proven to be effective in improving male sexual performances and help with female sexual disorder. With a lot of aphrodisiac marketed as effective for improving sex performance, this herb has proven to be effective and safe enough for use.

Apart from sexual functions, the herb is used in traditional medicine for general health benefits such as boosting energy levels, reducing stress, anxiety, constipation, improve sleep, and reduce blood sugar. The root is usually used in traditional medicine, but the leaves, flowers are used as well.

Pilot studies have shown that women experiencing sexual disorders such as painful sex, reduced desire for sex, and vaginal dryness observed a better sex function and performance with regular consumption. In men, the root extract of the plant is used to treat sexual weakness, and performance anxiety.

How does this Herb works?

Stress has been found to increase cortisol in the blood- a hormone inducing stress; this reaction is associated with gonadal and sexual dysfunction. Ashwagandha protects the body by reducing cortisol levels in someone under severe stress. It also restores adrenal function, and normalizes the sympathetic nervous system.

In women, testosterone levels reduce as they age, and reduced level of this hormone may be responsible for female sexual disorders. Regular consumption of the herb helps increase the level of the hormone, reduce the female sexual disorders by offsetting androgen deficiency syndrome.

The reproductive benefits of consuming this herb in men are; increased sperm count, semen quality, and improved sperm motility. Although it is safe to use, however, you should watch out for these major side effects: diarrhea, skin rash, vomiting, and drowsiness.  Other lesser side effects include; cough, dry mouth, and hyperactivity.

Before takkng this herb, speak with your doctor if you are diabetic, and have hyperthyroidism. Also, avoid taking it if you are using sedatives, breastfeeding, pregnant, and have hormone sensitive prostate cancer.

While this herb is usually available in form of powder, you can also get it as supplements in form of pills or tablets. Ensure that you follow the instructions as written on the label to avoid overdose. If you experience negative side effects, discontinue immediately.   

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