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Condoms, and pills palaver

Have you ever gone to a pharmaceutical store to buy condoms, emergency pills, abortion pills, but changed your mind because of people there, did you eventually bought what you wanted but felt like the ground swallowing you because of how people looked at you? Share your experiences.

My friend was feeling pregnant, she decided to buy a testing strip. Because she didn't want to go alone, she begged me to follow her, Unfortunately for her, I received a lengthy call immediately we entered the complex. My friend couldn't wait for me, she went ahead to get the strip.

After I was done with the call, I went in, saw two of our course mate, greeted them, and was waiting for my friend. The next thing I saw was vitamin C tablet in my friends hand.

What I happened I asked? She said she couldn't buy it while our mates where there with us. It took her a week to finally get the strip.


I went to a big pharmaceutical store one day to buy condoms. Daughter of Zion wasn't taken any chances. I got there asked for condoms and the way people turned around to look at the person boldly asking for condoms. Oh my! I ignored side talks and bought my condoms in peace. But believe me, I could feel their eyes following me to my destination. 

Everyone acting innocent like they won't end up having a good sex at the end of the day.

Married couples are not left out of this judgmental act. Some married women said they at a point, got pregnant because they were shy and bothered about other people's opinion about them. 
They knew they were not supposed to have unprotected sex, but because they couldn't get condoms, they settled for withdrawal methods which at the end of the day failed them.

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