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Wickedness in Humans

Something just happened now that made me remember my mum's experience with a wicked soul. Years ago, I asked my mum for credit card. She didn't know how to operate her phone. She stood by the road side, called a passer-by and asked him to help send the card pin to my number.

Few days later, my mum called and was like nawa ooo young lady, you didn't acknowledge the card I sent to you. I was like which card? I waited and didn't get any message so I asked someone else.

Mum said it's impossible, that she called a man to help her send it to me and he said he did. My mum's usual way of sending credit, she keeps the card until you confirm that you have loaded it before discarding.

This time around she was at home, she called my younger sibling to load it for her. Guess what? This card has been loaded by another customer was what showed up. That thief deceived my mum by sending the card to his own number instead of my number. It pained that woman so much, but nothing anyone could do about it.

Someone just got scammed here which made me write this, and also ask this question, how can we balance the scale between good and evil?

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